Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As promissed

A short list.
(more would just be verbose, and verboten)


"I've always been a woman who arranges things...." like furniture, closets,drawers, and sometimes lives. (the last is just plain controlling bossiness and deserves to be on the other side of the list!)


see above


I am tremendously verbose. I adore public speaking. "look at me, look at me, love me!"


hmmm. . . . again. Above


Reading. I adore reading. I read quickly, swiftly, voraciously, and broadly. (finally a talent that cannot also be a terror!)

That is it! Must stop there before I ruin all of the mystery--ha! (*snort*) Really, stoping while I found a talent that does not cut both ways.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Should you be of the picky sort, the kind of person who reads with a red pen in hand searching frantically for misspellings and typos. . . . I am your girl!

I am heavily laden with talents.
HEAVILY laden.
So many talents that I cannot even make a list of them at the moment!

Unaccountably, spelling and typing do not top the list!
Confidentiality, they do not even make the list.

They are on the list of "embarrassing traits that make me laughable!"
(this list is also extensive.)

Perhaps the next post will be a side by side list. Talents vs. sad, sad traits.
That would be FUN, no really, F-U-N.


So, I started this blog on a whim, a whimsy you might say.
It was never updated.

It was pushed into the back of my mind and purposely forgotten.
Treated like a pair of horridly outdated prom shoes from 1989.
Kept for some reason, but never brought out for show due to mad bouts of embarrassment.

For some reason I felt as though I had been striped bare when I started this.
And found it made me terrified,
and just plain ridiculous.

So my flirtation with blogging lasted as long as my desire to be a blond,
15 min.

But I am willing to try again.
this time I am going to just resign myself to my ridiculous silliness.